Streamline's Eastern European Multimodal Service

Streamline Shipping in Humberside offer regular import services to the UK and Ireland from Eastern Europe through conventional sea freight services.

These services offer our customers increased flexibility in methods by which import cargoes can be moved from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and the Baltic States.

We can move consignments of all kinds with less of the restrictions usually associated with trailer or container shipments such as size, weight or hazardous nature.

Cargoes can be shipped from Szczecin in Poland and from Saint Petersburg in Russia to one of several ports in the UK or Ireland and then distributed to final destinations utilising our haulage fleet. We have all the facilities associated with modern warehousing and stevedoring in each port, capable of handling the largest shipments and have rail and inland waterway connections that can be used as alternatives to road for delivery in all ports.

The scope of our operations embraces reloading and storage of bulk cargoes (including coal, ore, and grains) and general cargoes (including steel products, timber products, bagged and palletised cargoes).

For those consignments that customers do require shipping by road, we can also offer a dedicated trailer service with a transit time of 48 hours from most Eastern European countries.

Our team at Humberside have many years’ experience of moving cargo from Eastern Europe and are able to give customers all the relevant information that is important when considering movement of a variety of goods on a multimodal service. Please call Keith Dunn or Lee Howard on 01652 681777 for quotations and more information.