Streamline Sponsor Rower Sean Corrigall

Streamline Shipping Group has sponsored Orcadian rower Sean Corrigall since January 2012.

During the past year, Sean donned a Scotland shirt for the first time to compete in the Home International Regatta in Nottingham. This was a precursor to the forthcoming Commonwealth Regatta. Sean performed well and enjoyed the experience; however his plan for the year ahead is to compete in his single scull, with crew boats being secondary.

In taking this decision, Sean has now relocated to Glasgow in order to concentrate on his single scull, with one to one coaching with George Warnock (a very highly regarded coach) and also to raise his profile in Scotland ahead of this year’s Commonwealth Regatta.

His other recent achievements include:

Gold in the Twickenham Regatta
Gold in the Kingston Regatta
Gold in the Marlow Regatta

Sean will still be competing in England in the year ahead, which will involve lots of travelling. This will also keep him in contention for Team GB, his ultimate goal for the 2014/2015 season.

And for the coming year:

Sean is currently in the middle of trials for this year’s season which will include events such as:

Scottish Championships in May
Home International Regatta in July
Commonwealth Regatta in August

Streamline’s continued sponsorship enables Sean to maintain his new boat, attend training camps, as well as covering the cost of new equipment.

The Company wishes Sean a very successful season ahead.