Festive Sailing Schedule 2012-2013

Please find our sailing schedule over the Christmas and New Year Period below.

MV Daroja will layover in Aberdeen from 22nd December 2012 to 4th January 2013.

Tues 11th Dec Aberdeen
Wed 12th Dec Kirkwall
Thur 13th Dec Lerwick
Fri 14th Dec Aberdeen
Sat 15th Dec Aberdeen
Sun 16th Dec Lerwick
Mon 17th Dec Kirkwall
Tues 18th Dec Aberdeen
Wed 19th Dec Kirkwall
Thur 20th Dec Lerwick
Fri 21st Dec Aberdeen
Sat 22nd Dec layover
Sun 23rd Dec layover
Mon 24th Dec layover
Tues 25th Dec layover
Wed 26th Dec layover
Thur 27th Dec layover
Fri 28th Dec layover
Sat 29th Dec layover
Sun 30th Dec layover
Mon 31st Dec layover
Tues 1st Jan layover
Wed 2nd Jan layover
Thur 3rd Jan layover
Fri 4th Jan layover
Sat 5th Jan Aberdeen
Sun 6th Jan Lerwick
Mon 7th Jan Kirkwall

Thereafter, the sailing schedule will return to normal. You can view this here.

We will still offer our express haulage services during this time on the ro-ro services to/from Orkney and Shetland. Please contact your local depot for further information.